Wolves of the World

Wolves are running wild at New York State Fair.  They may not running wild, but the “Wolves of the World” brought 20 wolves to the New York State Fair. They spent 15 -20 minutes educating the public on wolves job in the ecosystem.

Did you know that wolves play a really big part in the food chain?  Did you also know that many wolves are shot onsite because they are on somebody else’s land instead of relocating them to a different habitat?

Here’s an example of relocation.  When wolves were relocated to Yellowstone, the deer population went down, which enabled trees, leaves and grass to grow back.  Birds, beavers, muskrats and ducks repopulated; which in turn brought back rabbits, foxes, and bald eagles.  Bears also came back to Yellowstone because there were more berries and fixed rivers.  This shows how wolves can transform the ecosystem and geography of a habitat.

The handlers were educating and the wolves were playing. During the performance, 7 wolves were doing tricks and flips for the kids.

To learn more you can go to the show tonight at 7 or tomorrow at 12:45, 3:30 or 6.

-Kurt M.

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Pan-African Village

     The Pan-African village is one of the most interesting places in the fair. dressesIt contains ethnic food, shows, and lots of vendors that have authentic African merchandise.

     One of the vendors was selling hand-carved sugar spoons that were made by school children in Kenya.  He also had bowls, jewelry, and wooden animals.  Another shop had gorgeous necklaces on display that must have taken hours to make.  As for food, there is a restaurant that serves traditional African dishes that smelled quite delicious.  And for a special treat, at certain times during the day there are performances, such as tribal dances preformed to the rhythm of beautiful African drums.

     This is a great place to visit.  There is plenty of amazing jewelry that would make great gifts for Christmas or birthdays.  And there are even tiny instruments for a young child.  The food is also very different from jewelryanything else sold at the fair, so you can watch the shows while you eat and give your feet a chance to rest. 

     So if you want something different to do with your day, head down to the Pan-African Village.

–Azure D’Angelo
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Fun & Fur: at the Rabbit and Cavy Shows

     On this rainy day you may be wondering what there is to do at the Great New York State Fair. IMG_0413I would suggest making your way to the Youth Arena where you will be able to watch the rabbit and cavy shows while drying off on the bleachers.
     Youth from all over the state will be showing their rabbits and cavies plus participating in the rabbit science decathlon.  The decathlon tests the contestants knowledge of rabbits with verbal questions in ten different areas, such as rabbit anatomy, diseases, breeds and showmanship. While in the building I had the opportunity to interview two avid 4-Hers about their animals.
     Ashlee Z. of Steuben County has been in 4-H for 7 years and has shown rabbits for six of those years. She has two rabbits at the state fair. They are Netherland Dwarfs named Sadie and Emilee.  Ashlee is showing cavies for her very first time this year.  She has two cavy guinea pigs named Murray and Silverado. She will be participating in the rabbit science decathlon as well.  Her favorite experience with rabbits is winning Master Showman at the Steuben County Fair.  At home, she has ten more rabbits.  She will definitely come again next year!
     Laura B. from Yates County has been a 4-Her for six years now. The last two years she has been showing her Dutch rabbits. This year she brought two rabbits to State Fair: a doe and a buck namedIMG_0406 Lilly and Hugo. She enjoys showing her rabbits and competing in the decathlon. She has six rabbits at home and likes to breed and raise both Dutch rabbits and meat rabbits.
     These two 4-Hers and many more will be presenting their rabbits and cavies in the Youth Arena! If you want to get out of the rain consider going down to support these dedicated youth.
by Abigail Santora
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Tech at the Fair

20140831_103630IEEE has come to the Youth Building at the New York State Fair! What is IEEE you ask? IEEE, also called I triple E, stands for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. IEEE was started in 1963 and has since been on its mission to provide quality science, technology, engineering and math education resources for educators, parents, students, and the IEEE public.

IEEE’s core purpose is to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. IEEE’s vision is that they will be essential to the global technical community and to technical professionals everywhere.  They also want to be universally recognized for their contributions of technology and of technical professionals in improving global conditions.

If you are looking for a job or future career in this field, I triple E IEEEhires people with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) degrees, like technologists or computer scientists.   At their table they also have fun things for kids to play with like electronic snap circuits, a Van de Graaff generator, and even a plasma ball!

Big thank you to Dr. Jayme Manning for letting me interview him.


-Kurt M.

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Rainy Day

    rainy day Usually, the New York State Fair is bustling with people, and crowds are so large that they are nearly impossible to get through, but not today. Today the weather is misbehaving, coughing up rain and hiding the sun. So even though by this time yesterday there were already crowds beginning to form, this morning there are only a few stragglers wandering under the rain. The rides, which are usually alive and kicking by now, sit motionless. Weather like this can be very bad for business, not only for the fair, but for the rides, outdoor food vendors, and performers. Most of the shows that would be packed are going to be empty, and perhaps not running at all.
     But the rain is going to do some good. For example, the vendors inside, like in the Horticulture Building, are going to have great business. Since the weather is so awful outside people are going to flock to the buildings, which means more business for everyone indoors. And some people may even prefer coming to the fair on bad weather days, think about it, no huge crowds to push through, and no waiting in lines for your favorite food.
     As long as you have an umbrella and/or a raincoat the rainy days could be quite enjoyable.
–Azure D’Angelo
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Surprise Engagement at the NYS Fair

     kissatfairYesterday after the Fashion Revue at the Youth Building, lingering spectators had the privilege to witness something very special. They watched as Josh proposed to long time 4-Her Dana.  She accepted.
     Afterwards I asked Dana and Josh a few questions.  Dana said she felt “shaky” and Josh said he was “ecstatic. ”  Both were very happy.  kiss2While I was talking with them Dana said, “I can’t stop crying! It’s not fair!”  When asked about her ring she smiled and said, “It’s shiny.”
     They met at club Lara at Turning Stone and have been dating for ten months.  They plan to get married on October 17, 2015.  Josh chose the perfect spot to propose to his bride to be — right in front of the beautiful 4-H mosaic that Dana had made years ago.
     Dana grew up in 4-H.  Even before she was old enough to be a Cloverbud, she used to watch her mother judge State Fair exhibits.  From then on she has been very active in 4-H, particularly in the STARR program.  She was also in the 4-H Press Corp!
     Congratulations to the happy couple!
by Abigail Santora
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Grange Building

     How much do you really know about the New York State Fair? Did you know that one year it had to close a day early due to storms? If you don’t know much about the fair, you can find out all of the information you never knew about it at the Grange Building. Inside you will find a small museum that will tell you all about the history of the Fair.
There are old posters, and a timeline depicting lots of major events relating to the fair, such as 20140831_125740when the first Ferris Wheel was installed – rising to a mere fifty feet, nothing like the much bigger ones here now. There are also clay models of past butter sculptures that you can look at. 
The Grange Building also includes a 20140831_130028miniature model of the entire fair for you to gaze at.
And what museum wouldn’t be complete without a gift shop?
At the Grange Building there is a small gift shop with state fair themed merchandise such as pens and t-shirts. So if you’re looking for something different to do, check out the Grange Building!
–Azure D’Angelo
Editor’s note: You can also find the answers to STOP #5 of the Taste NY Trivia contest at the Grange Building.
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