4-H Livestock Auction Benefit

Last Saturday, The First Annual Mohawk Valley 4-H Dairy & Livestock Show and Sale was held by the 4-H Programs of Herkimer and Oneida Counties. Livestock sold included beef steers, hogs, and dairy steers. A grand total of eight animals were sold,  and four animals were donated back by their buyers to be resold again. The proceeds from these sales will benefit the 4-H program.

Here is a picture from the event of MacKenzie with her Reserve Champion hog and his buyer, Doug Thompson. MacKenzie (right) sold her champion steer to Thompson of G & T Farms. The steer was donated back by Thompson, where he was bought by John Calidonna from Clinton Tractor.

4-H Livestock

Revenue generated from this event amounted to $19,000. Members from 4-H stated that this will be used for purchasing animals for next year’s auction, donations to charities, and college tuition. The buyers, bidders, and sponsors are greatly appreciated for coming out to this event to support the 4-H youth.


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