Twins at the Birthing Center

I’m sure you’ve heard about the Dairy Cow Live Birthing Center here at the New York State Fair, but you probably haven’t heard what happened Sunday at 3:00 in the morning. I spoke to Jessica, one of the hosts there, and she said at 3:00 AM she got a call saying one of the cows was having a baby, so she rushed over and by the cowtime she got there a heifer calf had already been born (around 3:35). The calf was in great condition and the birth had gone very quickly and easily, however, normally the mother cow gets up after the birth and starts to clean off the calf, but this mother did not. Jessica started cleaning off the calf herself, then, fearing something was wrong, went over to check on the mother. What she saw was very surprising, there were two feet sticking out of the back of the mother cow. She was giving birth to twins! Jessica helped the mother cow2deliver her second calf, this one a bull, and once it was over, the mother got up and started tending to her babies. Within fifteen minutes both the newborns were standing.

Only ten percent of cow pregnancies result in twins, and this one was very much unexpected. Jessica told me that cows can have ultrasounds done, but this one had not, mainly because it’s very expensive. This is a special moment because it is the first pair of twins the Birthing Center has had.

Both of the calves are doing fine, as well as their mother, and they are all resting comfortably at the center. The girl calf that was born first has been named Spunky and her younger brother has been named Hunky. They are both adorable and you can still get a glimpse of them today for yourself; they are in pens right next to each other in the front of the center. A calf named Molly, who was born just a couple of hours ago, is also there. So go and check out the Birthing Center’s first pair of twins.

–Azure D’Angelo


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