Last Day

     Today is the  12th and last day of the New York State fair, and everyone here at the Youth Building is busy getting everything packed up and ready to leave.  The kitchen is being cleaned out and the dorms are empty.
     But even though it’s everyone’s last day, it still might be the busiest. Today is “Dollar Day” where the entry fee is only one dollar, along with all of the midway rides.  Some of the vendors are also having dollar specials. So even though this is the last day of the fair, I’m sure vendors will be looking to do some final business – making some extra money before they leave.
     Plenty of people here at the Youth building are enjoying their last day of work, but many are also sad to be leaving.  For Nancy Schaff, the State STEM Program Specialist at Cornell University in the State 4-H office, this is her final day of work; she is retiring.  For some youth it will also be their last year working at the fair as 4-Hers, because they are going to college next year and won’t be 4-H eligible.  And even if it’s not a 4-Hers last year, they still have to say goodbye to all of the new friends they have made from different counties, or even old friends that they only see at fair time.  A couple of 4-H kids are actually celebrating their birthday here at the fair.
     Most people however are probably looking forward to going home and finally getting a good night’s sleep. After all, school starts in a couple days, so hopefully everyone can rest up before they have to head off to start a new school year.
–Azure D’Angelo

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