Surprise Engagement at the NYS Fair

     kissatfairYesterday after the Fashion Revue at the Youth Building, lingering spectators had the privilege to witness something very special. They watched as Josh proposed to long time 4-Her Dana.  She accepted.
     Afterwards I asked Dana and Josh a few questions.  Dana said she felt “shaky” and Josh said he was “ecstatic. ”  Both were very happy.  kiss2While I was talking with them Dana said, “I can’t stop crying! It’s not fair!”  When asked about her ring she smiled and said, “It’s shiny.”
     They met at club Lara at Turning Stone and have been dating for ten months.  They plan to get married on October 17, 2015.  Josh chose the perfect spot to propose to his bride to be — right in front of the beautiful 4-H mosaic that Dana had made years ago.
     Dana grew up in 4-H.  Even before she was old enough to be a Cloverbud, she used to watch her mother judge State Fair exhibits.  From then on she has been very active in 4-H, particularly in the STARR program.  She was also in the 4-H Press Corp!
     Congratulations to the happy couple!
by Abigail Santora

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