Should I Pet a Zebra or a Camel at the Fair?

zoo     As part of your tour of the Great New York State Fair be sure to check out the Eudora Farms Petting Zoo. This collection of animals is not your usual sheep and pigs petting zoo. They have animals from Asia, Africa, South America and Australia. There are camels, monkeys, parrots, a zebra, a yak, a tortoise and a watusi. There are also several breeds of goats and sheep as well as two donkeys, a miniature horse and a llama. Unfortunately, the giraffe and the kangaroo were not there today when I went.
     With every breed of animal there is a sign that explains where it originated and what they are used for. This makes the zoo educational as well as IMG_0433fun.  For instance, you may be wondering, “What is a watusi?”  I learned that the watusi is a breed of cattle native to Africa. They have large, distinctive horns that can reach up to 8 feet that are not only used for defense but help to cool them in the hot African sun.zoo3
     The best part is that the petting zoo is free. If you want, there is grain and carrots available for a small fee to feed the animals.  All the animals are well-behaved and extremely cute. The donkey and camel are surprisingly soft.
     This is a great place to take the kids or even to go check out for yourself! You can pet a camel AND a zebra!
by Abigail Santora

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