Citizen U

Looking out the window of press corps in the 4-H building I see a lively group of people jumping around and acting out things. Well turns out it’s Citizen U, with the help of Civic Ensemble, a theater group from Ithaca. They are here practicing for a performance on the POWER OF YOUTH, and they will be performing this walking play at 4 o’clock today.  They will walk through the 4-H building performing as they go.

What exactly is Citizen U? Citizen U is a 4-H group in both Broome and Monroe Counties. There are 20 kids in each county, 40 in total. Their primary purposes are to:  Provide workforce development, give exposure to college, involve youth in community improvement projects, and they are heavily involved in political action, to affect social changes.

So if you are a 4-H’er in either Broome or Monroe county contact June Mead about joining.

– Isabelle Collier


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