Activity Time

Are you looking for something fun to do at the fair? Well, than the Youth Building is the place for you. Almost every county has fun educational crafts and experiments for you to try.

At the Oswego County booth, you can make pretty paper butterflies out of scrapbook paper and pipe cleaners. They are making dresses out of scraps of cloth at the Ontario County booth to promote smart clothing choices and creativity. Kids learn about how to make their own clothing, which is quite a handy skill.

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Go to the Ulster County booth to make paper origami and learn about the international exchange program. Check out Delaware County’s table and make a kazoo out of recyclable materials. Decorate your kazoo with markers to make it look extra special!

At the Onondaga County booth learn about smart food choices. You can see how much fat is in a burger and fries and how much sugar is in drinks. They also show you about alternative options at fast food restaurants that are better for you. You can make jewelry at both Suffolk’s and Allegany’s County booths out of recycled and common household items. Make paper airplanes at the Wayne County table. Learn about aerodynamics and see if your plane flies.

activity time saratogaLast but not least go to Saratoga County and make an aluminum boat. Then you have to see how many pennies you can fit in it without sinking your boat. What a fun way to discover and learn about physics.

All of these activities have a common theme; they are all based off great 4-H programs like STEM, Choose Health and Civic Engagement .The activities are so much fun that you have to try them all!

By Abigail Dennis


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