Dog Days

They say that dogs are a man’s best friend. Well Roxie and Denver, two dogs in the 4-H NY State Fair Dog Program, certainly love their owners. Kaitlyn, a girl in the 4-H dog program, lets smiling, little kids gently pet her dog. She has been in the program for six years and loves it. She got her dog, Roxie, at a kennel in Eire County. He follows commands like sit, shake and jump as long as he gets a treat. Kaitlyn has another dog at home as well.

Dog Days Pic 2 - Abigail

Sarah from Oswego is also in the 4-H Dog Program. She shows dogs in competitions and helps train them. She has a Labrador that goes duck hunting and an Australian Shepard. She has been in the program for seven years and is part of the American Canine Club. They both go to various dog shows where they enter classes like Obedience, Agility, Freestyle and Rally. Claire and her dog Denver got Grand Champion in the Eire County Fair. This is her sixth year in the program with her Sheltie.

Dog Days Pic - Abigail

If you want to come and see them, they are in the Youth Building at the State Fair.

There is a dog show on Wednesday at 8:00 am in the Toyota coliseum and Thursday at 8:00 am in the 4-H arena.

Come and watch!!


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