The Best Lemonade in Town

On our journey though the fair we visited Omanii’s Lemonade Heaven which  truly lives up to its name.  After enjoying a glass of the delicious lemonade, I was able to interview the manager Leon Ballamy . “What sets your lemonade apart from all the other lemonade stands at the fair?” I asked him, “what makes yours the best?”

“It’s the taste” he replied, “the real southern flavor.” Omanii’s has been coming to the New York state fair for over 18 years and they are located in the Pan African Village on the west end of the fair. When they are not at the fair, they are located in Syracuse, New York on South Ave.

Omanii’s offers a variety of flavors such as: Pink best lemonade in townLemonade, Iced Tea Lemonade, Fruit Punch lemonade, and of course Old-Fashioned lemonade.  They sell many other things from Hot Dogs to Pie but when it comes to Lemonade they are the best.                                                                                                       -by Isabelle Collier


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