There are always people who work behind the scenes, the people who make things possible. Nancy Schaff who is the State STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Program Specialist at Cornell University in the State 4-H office.  She is one of many who make the 4-H at the Great New York State Fair possible. Mrs. Schaff has had many different jobs before she came to this one. From 1992-1998 she was the 4-H county educator for St. Lawrence County.  In 1999 she worked as an Information Coordinator in the State 4-H office until 2003.  From 2003-2006 Mrs. Schaff was the coordinator for New York Ag in the Classroom which is a program that teaches kids about the importance of agriculture.  In 2006 she started working at Cornell in the Department of Astronomy.  Mrs. Schaff thought that was a cool job because that was when the Mars Rovers were in action.  And finally, in August of 2011 she came to work in the State 4-H Office.

What is her favorite part about her job?  The people!  She loves working with all different kinds of people, throughout New York State.  She has a knack for organizing events, so, things like the State Fair and Career Explorations are perfect for her.  One of the most difficult aspects of 4-H is the financial limitations, limiting the amount of programming the State 4-H office can offer to the counties, but the staff that are there work hard to bring in opportunities for the youth.  But still, she likes doing new things. She looks at things, even new jobs as adventures.

Speaking of adventures, Mrs. Schaff has a big one coming up!  She’s retiring in September and in October she will be going to Australia! We will miss you Nancy Schaff!


By: Ashley S.


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