High Tunnel Education Project

New Yorkers spend more than $125 billion annually on health care costs. Nearly 60% of New York adults are overweight or obese. Obesity is positively correlated with in-creased risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, hyper-tension, and some forms of cancer. Children are not immune to this epidemic, as 17% of children between 2-19 years of age are obese nationally. The resulting epidemic is due in part to uninformed eating habits, knowledge of food systems, and lack of physical activity.

The Cornell Cooperative Extension of St. Lawrence has developed The Extension Learning Farm’s High Tunnel Education Project which allows youth to explore agriculture production first hand and directly participate in their food system. Students and 4-H’ers involved with educational field trips and Farm Day Camp make connec-tions between agriculture, food systems, healthy eating habits and healthy life styles. The creation of the 2011 High Tunnel Project, funded in part by TSF funds, compli-mented the Farm’s livestock demonstration projects with commercial vegetable production. The project’s construction and first year successes were due to significant support from community partnerships.

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