JAMESTOWN, NEW YORK (July 8, 2011) — Cornell Cooperative Extension of Chautauqua County 4-H Youth Development Program will have 84 members giving presentations during the 130th Annual Chautauqua County Fair in Dunkirk, NY  July 25- July 31.
Speaking publicly at the Chautauqua County Fair is a unique opportunity for youth to enhance their public speaking skills, and educate the public. 4-H members prepare their own presentations through a process which teaches them to research and gives them the ability to think & speak in front of a large group, develop poise and self-confidence, and experience “Mastery.”  4-H presentations are 5 to 15 minutes in length depending on age and experience.  Each presenter is evaluated on a number of criteria.  The delivery and subject of the speech will be judged on proper use of equipment and visual aids, efficient organization, proper grammar and vocabulary, understanding of the subject matter, and that the presentation has one main theme with logical steps.  The presenter will also be evaluated on neatness & appropriate dress, eye contact, volume and rate of his or her voice, posture and poise, enthusiasm, and response to audience questions.
Public Presentations at the County fair take place in the 4-H Exhibits Building at the heart of the fair grounds, on Monday – Thursday of the fair. A complete schedule is below. The public is welcomed and encouraged to attend. A larger group provides a more interactive audience and a new experience for some 4-H Members.
Presentations are evaluated by two volunteer judges and 4-H’ers will be awarded a blue, red or white ribbon for excellent, good and worthy presentations respectively.  Each presenter is evaluated using the Danish System whereas they are scored based on their own age and abilities, not compared to other participants. 
Public presentations will be held Monday from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Cassandra Skal, Biscuit Brigade and Aventureres
Anna Talbot, Canadaway
Brandon Baron, Forestville Teddy Bears
Kevin     Rogers, Forestville Teddy Bears
Stephanie Rogers, Forestville Teddy Bears
Mia Hannagan, Fredonia Fireworks
Ashley Holt, Fredonia Fireworks
Caelin Holt, Fredonia Fireworks
Claire Stokes, Fredonia Fireworks
Gwen Stokes, Fredonia Fireworks
Thomas Stokes, Fredonia Fireworks
Andrew Waag, Fredonia Fireworks
Melinda Waag, Fredonia Fireworks
Mathew Walters, Levant Live Wires
Melanie Walters, Levant Live Wires
Carleigh Seeley, Little Brokenstraws
Katheryn Sheldon, Lone Member
Sarah Nomes, Paws N Pals
Tessa Gibbon, Silver Creek Grapestompers
Timmothy Manning, Silver Creek Grapestompers
Cortney Thompson, Silver Creek Grapestompers
Emily Wright, Silver Creek Grapestompers
Hewitt Meeder, Tail Waggers
Elise Schack, Tail Waggers
Trevor Dykstra, Rocky Freedom
Tyler Dylstra, Rocky Freedom
Julia Furman, Rocky Freedom
Taylor Samuelson, Rocky Freedom
Aubrey Cunningham, Fredonia Star Riders
Danyelle Harding, Fluvanna Farmyard Friends
Kendra Hockran, Fluvanna Farmyard Friends
Carissa Peterson, Fluvanna Farmyard Friends
Monica Buck, Chautauqua County Junior Trail Riders
Ashley Crandall, Chautauqua County Junior Trail Riders
Ashley Gens, Chautauqua County Junior Trail Riders
Rachel McCarthy, Chautauqua County Junior Trail Riders
Cole Morrison, Chautauqua County Junior Trail Riders
Gracie Morrison, Chautauqua County Junior Trail Riders
Monica Orosz, Chautauqua County Junior Trail Riders
Montanna Pope, Chautauqua County Junior Trail Riders
Mikalya Reynolds, Chautauqua County Junior Trail Riders
Kaelyn Richardson, Chautauqua County Junior Trail Riders
Jennifer Ruiz, Chautauqua County Junior Trail Riders
Heather Walker, Chautauqua County Junior Trail Riders
Tuesday from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Emily Brown, Canadaway
Marissa Burr, Fredonia Fireworks
Amanda Dorman, Sherman Kountry Kids
Gillianna Johnson, Levant Live Wires
Lacey Johnson, Levant Live Wires
Maggie Jones, Canadaway
Cheyenne Meeder, Country Dreamers
Matthew Overend, Levant Live Wires
Steven Overend, Levant Live Wires
Helena Skalski, Stockton Panthers
Andrea Smith, Fredonia Fireworks
Luke Szumigala, Forestville Teddy Bears
Tristan VanOver, Levant Live Wires
Wednesday 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Allison   Bartok, Rocky Freedom
Guy Capitano, Silver Creek Grapestompers
Alyssa Crandall, Wild Oats
Holly Crandall, Wild Oats
Jeff Hatch, Lone Member
Adam Lesch, Canadaway
Braden Lesch, Canadaway
Carissa Peterson, Fluvanna Farmyard Friends
Bryanna Warner, Frewburg Hayseeds
Thursday from 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Robert Davis, Sherman Kountry Kids
Jared Dorman, Stockton Panthers Paws
Kendra Dorman, Stockton Panthers  
Jane Fortna, Fredonia Fireworks
Julia Fortna, Fredonia Fireworks
Kayla Nefedov, Paws N Pals
Kayla Schauman, Little Brokenstraws
Kaylee Sheldon, Lone Member
Austin Strong, Little Brokenstraws
Onnalee Strong, Little Brokenstraws
Kiana Vullo, Paws N Pals
Tessa Warner, Stockton Panthers
Brittany Woodard, Stockton Panthers
For more information about this event or membership, please contact the 4-H Office at (716) 664-9502, x214.


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