4-H Science Ambassadors Take the 4-H Energy Story to Leadership and Visitors in Albany.

    On Feb 29, several 4-H Teen Leaders traveled to Albany to serve as 4-H Science Ambassadors and to share some of our latest NYS 4-H Energy resources with state government leaders and others visiting the NYS Capital.  Natalee and Camille Wrege, of Oneida County, presented their display on renewable energy/ bio fuels, a venture they recently undertook as a 4-H Energy Project.   Evan Jones, Ontario Co.,  Chris Degener and Gregary Kopache form Rensselaer County showcased their work on GIS Mapping and also invited state leaders to “take a spin” on Sparks, the energy bike.  Participants were amazed at how much converted leg muscle energy was needed to light up a 50 watt light bulb and a hair dryer.  4-H Science Ambassadors spoke with state legislators and had the opportunity to visit with Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo (D-Endwell), Chairperson on the NYS Assembly Committee on Science & Technology. 

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