Youth Become Entrepreneurs with 4-H Vegetable Marketing Program, Fulton and Montgomery County

CCE Fulton and Montgomery. Growing your own produce not only teaches youth about the food production and agriculture, but makes fresh produce accessible and affordable, and cuts down on use fossil fuels needed to get food from farm to table. Youth in Fulton and Montgomery counties have taken the benefits and experiences of horticulture one step further with the 4-H Vegetable Marketing Program.

Thirty-five youth from the two counties enrolled in the program, and thirty-two youth sold produce to their local Price-Chopper stores. The average earned by each youth was reported as $150. In addition to the earnings, youth gained experience growing a variety of different vegetables, getting them ready for market, and keeping sales records. Youth were pleased with their efforts and families indicated a willingness to continue on with the program again next year.
In addition to enrolled 4-H members, youth from the Tryon Boy’s School participated, seeking assistance to use their greenhouse and growbox supplies. The school did not sell their produce but instead used harvested food for the school, reducing the amount of produce that they had to buy. School officials reported that youth felt good about their participation and enjoyed the project.

This program was supported by horticulture and agriculture educators working in the region. Local and publication support was provided to the families and the school staff at Tryon.


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