Ideas from Ontario Co – camps and more

CCE Ontario Co. SET Programming Ideas:

We also hold 4-H STEM Camp (science, technology, engineering, and math) each summer. A brief summary of this year’s program can be found at (bottom half of page).

Our Resident Camp program also provides two new classes related to SET — Critter Care, Science Shanigans and GPS Explorers. Information on these classes can be found at . Note that these new classes supplement our traditional classes relating to SET, such as Rocketry and Woodworking. Camp staff will also be investigating ways to relate SET principles to a variety of other traditional camp classes including the Adventure/Ropes Course, Air Rifle, Archery, Ceramics, Cooking, Fishing, Sewing and Sports.

The Geo-Seekers 4-H Club has done community GIS mapping projects for the past two years. In 2008 they map road-side farm markets, which you already have a blog spot. In 2009 the club mapped fire hydrants for the Village of Manchester. Jackie Dowdell did an article for the Cornell Chronicle for April 2, 2009 issue — .

4-H Camp Bristol Hills will be holding our third annual 4-H Camp Cache Bash on Saturday, June 20th. We will be planning many of the traditional geocaching events, including special event-only hides, pot-luck lunch, group photo, and geo-games. The event is open to new cachers interested in learning more about the sport, and we will be holding some Geocaching 101 sessions. These sessions will cover the basics of using a GPS unit, navigating with a GPS, varieties of caches (micros, multi’s, trads, mystery, etc), typical contents of a cache, and basic principles of outdoor ethics. Additional information can be found at .

Ontario County 4-H also holds a 4-H Equine Career Camp that covers many SET careers within the horse industry. I’ve attached our 2008 final report on the program, the program was very similar to our 2009 event which has held this past weekend 4-H Programs within the Finger Lakes Region held the 4-H Agriculture Career Camp series. The day sessions provided a great opportunity for 7th through 12th graders to learn about SET careers in the agriculture, food, and beverage industry. One Saturday each month from September 2008 through April 2009, participants spent a busy day at a farm or food processing plant in the Finger Lakes region. They visited farms, greenhouses, and other food production areas. Tours include vineyards, dairy farms, greenhouses, hydroponic operations, organic farms, tractor and equipment dealers, livestock farms, wineries, and award-winning grocery stores. Additional information can be found at .

The Ontario County 4-H Program also provides a Tractor Safety Certification program for a four county area. Participants learn about the mechanic workings of a tractor, chemistry of batteries, physics associated with hitching low and the mechanics of gears & power take-offs. Guest speakers provide insight on technical careers associated with the agriculture industry including mechanics, managers, law enforcement, and education.


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